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Civil Litigation

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People and businesses often have legal claims against each other. Sometimes those claims are for negligence, such as careless driving or medical malpractice, which leads to some type of injury or even death. Sometimes the claims are for breach of contract, such as where a customer fails to pay for goods or services. There are many other types of civil disputes, and if they cannot be resolved by negotiation or mediation, they must be decided by means of civil litigation in court.

Crowley, Hoge & Fein has successfully represented individuals and small businesses in civil lawsuits in Washington, D.C., Maryland and other jurisdictions for over 40 years. Most civil litigation results in settlements, and CHF has a high success rate of settling cases to our clients’ satisfaction without having to go through the stress and expense of a trial. But we know how to try cases as well, if necessary. Chris Hoge has tried over 100 jury and non-jury cases, and we know how to marshal the evidence and legal research in order to make the strongest presentation possible.