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Legal Malpractice & Litigation

chris hoge, Legal Malpractice and Litigation There is no reason why lawyers should be treated differently from anybody else when they make errors which cause damage to their clients. Lawyers must be careful to follow the rules and do their work competently. In addition to the duty of care, lawyers also have a duty of trust and fair dealing, known as a fiduciary duty, to their clients.

For almost thirty years, Chris Hoge has worked to hold lawyers accountable for their mistakes and wrongdoing. He has successfully handled hundreds of cases involving claims of legal malpractice and breach of fiduciary duty, as well as disputes over attorneys’ fees. These cases tend to be very complex, and frequently involve litigation of a “case within a case” to ascertain whether the client has in fact been damaged by the lawyer’s error. Chris has been recognized nationally for his work in this area, and he has lectured to bar organizations on how to avoid malpractice claims. He and his litigation team will maximize your chance of success in a dispute with a lawyer or law firm.